Earn Our Trust

About Us

Earn Our Trust

EarnOurTrust is a movement that is going to change the world by using technology for good to affect real change.

After the horrific murder of George Floyd, there was an influx of people from all walks of life who were looking for ways to support BlackOwned businesses, but most of them did not realize that not all BlackOwned businesses support the black community. That is why we decided to create the EarnOurTrust app.

Just like not all-American companies support the American people, some American companies are only loyal to their shareholders and are looking to increase revenue at any cost. That is why some American companies ship the American people jobs overseas or replace a human with a robot, or automation, and we as Americans have allowed these corporations to sell out the American people.

EarnOurTrust is building a community that will connect socially responsible consumers with socially responsible businesses. Socially responsible consumers are those who believe in voting with their pocketbooks by patronizing socially responsible businesses, socially responsible businesses vary from tackling real life issues like social justice to saving the environment.

Our goal is to help bring people together who are looking to support businesses that are helping society. From a BlackOwned business to an American company that pays a living wage and provides jobs to the American people, never forget, we’re all in this together.