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Mayra Hernandez and Jesse Iniguez, founders of The Back of the Yards Coffee co.

Neighborhood natives launch coffee shop where Starbucks won’t — Back of the Yards – Chicago Tribune

The Back of the Yards Coffee Co. is located on the Southside of Chicago. We strive to honor the immigrant working class tradition of the Chicago Stockyards through our mission, which we refer to as our SEED (Social Impact, Economic Development, Environmental Responsibility, and Direct Relations). Everything we do, from where we source our coffee, to choosing our packaging, to where we are located, and to the people we hire, is guided by these four principles. Our goal is to change the way people understand and experience coffee. We are one of the only Latinx and woman-owned coffee companies in the nation.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/backoftheyardscoffeeco

Website: https://backoftheyardscoffee.com/

This is on the contact page, make the front black. Also, I caught an error so put this version. The email please make it a hyperlink so when I click it pop up automatically use their default email, when you click it nothing. Also, put my social media links where people can share my website.

Put is where they can share it on the Instagram Facebook page, Facebook messenger what’s app, text, and email.

If you’re a socially responsible BlackOwned business or if you know about a socially responsible BlackOwned business that is making a positive impact within the black community, please let us know. Hey! if you’re a socially responsible business or consumer we’d love to hear from you as well. Be the change you want to see in society. Also, the box for them to fill out, the email should be info@earnourtrust.com but as of today I am not getting any emails for the leave a message box and I have tested more than once.

Email: info@earnourtrust.com

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